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Runner's High Light Roast Coffee

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It’s something all runners hope to achieve when they set out on their long-distance run but how many of you get the feeling? The feeling of Runner’s High. It’s okay if you don’t because we’ve got just what you need to release those endorphins and bring happiness back into your life after a run.

A lighter blend that combines two lightly roasted coffees and a medium roast from our most enduring single-origin coffees. The beans come from Peru, Guatemala and Sumatra respectively. Runner’s High is a euphoric burst of energy in your cup. With notes of sweet, citrus and hops, it’s the perfect coffee to fuel your next run and when you enjoy just enough, it will provide a pep in your step that you need to make it to mile 26.

Tie up those laces, change into your running outfit and hit the start button on your coffee maker before you head out the door. Runner’s High is here for you so you have all the energy you need to make the most out of your day!

Justice From The Grounds Up!

Flavor Notes: Sweet, Citrus, Hops