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Set of 2 Plain Felted Wool Dryer Ball

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Set of 2 Dryer balls measuring ~3″ diameter.  

100% wool dryer balls with adorable embroidery are the environmentally friendly alternative to dryer sheets!  Simply place them in the dryer with clothes and reduce dry time by 25%!  Felt dryer balls also fluff up clothing while absorbing moisture, lessen static, and are biodegradable. Add essential oils to make clothes smell great.

Most efficient Drying requires more than one dryer ball,


Meet the Artisans

Untitled design (8)One of the oldest forms of fabric, felt served as an essential feature and necessity of life for the nomadic tribes of Asia where the technique is thought to have originated.

Ganesh Himal Trading’s producer partners use the “wet felt” technique in which warm water, soap and friction are used to matte the natural fibers found in wool.  This felt is then used to create the many beautiful products we offer.