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Tenfold Fair Trade Collection was destroyed by fire on July 23, 2015.

Online fundraising for Tenfold Fair Trade Collection                             Fire Restoration Fund

After this devastation, there is no choice but to look for rebirth from the ashes; and we need your help! Please donate what you can to support.

All donations will be used to rebuild Tenfold, the lives of the owners, and provide a new place to uplift the artisans from around the world whose goods were sold here. Tenfold Fair Trade Collection has supported many in the local and world community; and now needs that support returned, tenfold. Please donate what you are able so this business can continue to better the lives of those who need it most through the noble support of fair trade.

Donate to Tenfold Fair Trade Collection's Fire Restoration Fund

Escama Pop Top Bags
Owl Lantern
Party Animals
Salad Server Stripes
Serpentine Spring Pendant

Tenfold Fair Trade Collection

offers a unique collection of creative, fairly traded, eco-friendly products from all over the world.

Come in and learn about fair trade
and see why our customers love our products!
Enjoy the knowledge that you are helping provide security and economic self-sufficiency to those less fortunate.

Tenfold Fair Trade Collection is dedicated to the principles of the fair trade system of exchange. We are affiliated with fair trade organizations that guarantee fair wages to artisans for their work. We provide our customers with fun and practical products which make creative use of many recycled materials. Every effort is made to use recycled or sustainable materials, from consignment finds for our displays, to our handmade cabinetry, crafted of local pine. All of our packaging and wrapping consist of reused or 100% post consumer waste. We are as committed to the care of our planet as we are to the care of our global neighbors.