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Rebirth Kaminaljuyu Connection Bracelet

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Handmade men´s bracelet, made with gray waxed thread and dark color metal beads, charm, and closure. This piece represents the origin of a Mayan ancestral city and it’s glyph means “Connection”. Men´s handmade jewelry.

Product features: The bracelet has an 8 inches girth with a metal closure. Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, each item may vary slightly making every piece truly unique. Made with waxed polyester thread and zinc alloy metal beads, charms, and closure. …Everything is happening here, an opportunity for this ancestral city to be alive again, a story that must be remembered!

Men’s bracelet
Color: Gray, black
Type: single strand
Size: 8 inches girth with a metal closure.
Material: waxed polyester thread and zinc alloy metals
Fashion Tip: Casual
Package: all the Wakami bracelets come inside a cotton bag.
Handmade in Guatemala
The perfect gift, Wakami is a gateway to Prosperity, Purpose and Hope for everyone.