Leather Bound Journal - Tree Of Life

$ 36.00

  • This beautifully embossed journal makes a wonderful gift for Yogis or anyone on your gift list. This fair trade and environmentally friendly leather bound journal is made in Rajasthan, India. The leather is embellished with hand embossing and a leather strap closure
  • All the Leather used is “Cruelty Free”, which means leather obtained from naturally dead animals. Livestock has a lot of agricultural and household value for the vegetarian population in this region (Rajasthan, India) which makes it economically unwise to kill animals for their skin.
  • It is a thick journal with handmade cotton rag paper inside, making it 100% tree-free. Artisans in our Eco Friendly Papers workshop collect cotton waste and turn it into a pulp. The final result: a rich texture paper, great for writing, drawing and painting. It makes for a great gift for any occasion.
  • Income generated by this product supports numerous artisans and their families. We can guarantee that your purchase directly affects the development of the artisan community.
  • Embossed designs on cruelty-free leather cover. Tree-free cotton paper inserts. Elastic string closure. 96 pages. Size: 4" x 6"

Meet the Artisans

Most of our leather artisan partners belong to a social class called Chamar, which excludes them from other classes of society and severely limits their resources. About 30 families formed a development group to empower artisans, beginning with advanced tooling techniques. As a result, the caste stigma is gradually diminishing as artisans make economic and social progress. Housing, sanitation, and health care access have improved, and children are attending school. Through access to trade, the village was able to realize its dream of opening its first school for girls.


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