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Hidden In Plain Sight- Revealing The Concealed Harpers Ferry Cemeteries (History-based Documentary)

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This is an award winning history-based documentary entitled “Hidden in Plain Sight - Revealing the Concealed Harpers Ferry Cemeteries.” by Rabbit Hole History.

Two cemeteries are featured. One cemetery was set aside by the United States Armory at Harpers Ferry in the 1850s at the request of the citizenry, where Union soldiers were later buried. Another holds the remains of African American residents, including at least one African American Union soldier. Both are investigated using public records, interviews with local residents, and other clues to explain why these cemeteries were ignored in a town so rich in history.

From the Spirit of Jefferson, "Documentary examines hidden cemeteries in Harpers Ferry," by Bonnie Williamson, 11/4/2020: "It's hard to believe that a town so steeped in history could have two cemeteries hundreds of years old, which are literally 'hidden' from public view and knowledge and the victims of too much neglect."


Rabbit Hole History is a documentary production team comprised of Steam at Harpers Ferry and Bot Studios. They aim to explore United States’ history in new ways by finding little-known or frequently overlooked people and subject matter. In addition to the documentary “Hidden in Plain Sight – Revealing the Concealed Harpers Ferry Cemeteries,” Rabbit Hole History productions is developing a companion guide to the documentary, related podcasts, preparing scripts and other materials featuring the region around Harpers Ferry.