Child's Size Embroidered Fair Trade Cotton Face Mask

$ 12.00

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Beautifully hand embroidered child sized fair trade Face Mask with triple layer lining. They come in assorted colors.  Please specify if there are colors or designs you'd like.  These are non-medical grade masks.

Meet the Mask Makers from Ruth & Nohemi as they are adapting to a new world.


      The Guatemalan Civil War, was fought from 1960 -1996 between the Guatemalan government and various leftist rebel groups and the rural poor made up of the ethnic Maya indigenous people and Ladino peasants. An estimated 200,000 Guatemalans were killed during the Guatemalan Civil War including at least 40,000 people who "disappeared". This left many widows and orphaned children without a way to support themselves.                                                                                                    In 1986, the co-op Ruth & Nohemi was founded to train these displaced people in sewing and weaving. Small sewing and traditional backstrap weaving workshops were formed. In 1996, Richard Panjoj contracted tuberculosis and Ruth and Nohemi helped pay his medical bills. When he was able to work again he could only work from home, so he trained his brother Francisco to sew as well. Now Richardo runs one of the six sewing workshops formed by Ruth and Nohemi. They make many of Lcuia’s Imprts purses and coin bags.

     When the panademic hit and guatemala went under lockdown, Ruth & Nahomi were working on several orders but when they finished they did not have anymore work. I suggested they try making some masks. It was beautiful how they adapted their skills,designs talents to create a product that is widely needed. With our first order they were so grateful. Diego, who runs Ruth & Nahomi, said to me “ you provide food on the table for many families today.” Diego has a heart of gold. I saw on his Facebook how he and his wife were delivery emergency food bags to members of their church. I called him the next day and now we are supplying emergency food for 40 families


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