2-Ply Tie On Batik Organic Cotton Face Mask w Filter Pocket

$ 10.00

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Face mask, 100% organic cotton

Double layer of beautifully hand-batiked 100% organic cotton; convenient adjustable tie. Pocket allows for filter insert (not included).
Check out this cute video of how to wear these batik masks: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=568667880686829

Mask should be washed with hot soapy water before initial use and after each use. Mask should be disposed of once damage is noticed such as ripped seams or holes.

Meet the Makers:  


Meet the Mamas | Global Mamas | Fair Trade
Cape Coast is home to our largest production location and was the first Global Mamas location. It was here that our founding Mamas came together in 2003 to produce the first Global Mamas product line. Today the Cape Coast Global Mamas community comprises nearly 100 independent, women-owned businesses. In Cape Coast our Mamas are batikers and seamstresses who work from their own shops or from their homes.

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