Count The Votes Premium Cotton Tee Shirt

$ 24.00

These shirts tell a sad story of the historic American town of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, that has symbolized democracy over the past two centuries.  The Mayor and three Town Council members have decided to disenfranchise their neighbors' votes to remain in power.   We created these shirts to honor and support those voters who were disenfranchised.  It has been nearly a year that these residents have waited to have their voices heard.                                  

Count The Votes! Let’s show our solidarity!  


This premium, ringspun cotton fair trade tee is sure to become a wardrobe go-to. The relaxed fit is designed for comfort, but with features that keep it stylish including the double-needle top stitch at the collar and hems. 


The following is a statement from one of those disenfranchised voters:

My husband and I cast two of the four provisional ballots, which are securely locked in the evidence safe at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in Charles Town.

We moved to Harpers Ferry in August 2018 and almost immediately went to the DMV and began the challenging process of applying for WV tags, licenses and voter registrations. (That is another ridiculous story).

It wasn’t until we tried to vote in the local election in June 2019 that we discovered the DMV had put us in the wrong voting precinct and we had to use a provisional ballot. We were told that we had nothing to worry about. WRONG!

I have been voting for 58 years and I have never personally witnessed anything like the dishonesty and cheating going on by some members of the town’s political community. Some of them have cheated to be the winners. That doesn’t make them winners. It makes them cheaters and people likely never to be trusted again.

The only thing that’s kept us from leaving this physically beautiful little town is the number of honest and loving people that have embraced us and are struggling to help us get our votes rightfully counted.

I believe in love your neighbor and do no harm and that is what I want in my community.

 We LOVE you, LINDA!

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