Mixed Flower Disk Necklace

$ 44.00

Hand-casted Eco-Resin 8cm - 3" Disc Necklace with Mixed Flower accents on adjustable faux leather cord.

This Colombian necklace is a statement piece made from natural, plant-based resin and real botanical accents preserved from the gardens of Colombia.. The resin is made using waste products from other industries, such as pine bark stripped from pine trees made into lumber.

Belart jewelry is crafted by a small group of young artisans in the Andean Region of Colombia. These talented people create jewelry from natural materials that are eco-friendly and non-toxic. By avoiding conventional synthetic and petroleum-based resins, they are able to reduce the carbon footprint of producing this jewelry. Belart is committed to providing sustainable employment and empowering vulnerable and displaced communities in Colombia.

Hand made in Colombia

Hand-casted sustainable eco-resin adjustable necklace on faux leather cord

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