Love Gnome Metal Ornament

$ 19.00

These copper and bronze Love Gnome Ornaments are cute as buttons! Each handcrafted gnome comes bearing their heart in their hand ready to commit forever.


These beautiful metal designs are composed of three different metals—nickel, copper, and brass. There is no lead or any other harmful substance in the metals; all metal pieces are designed to be as safe as possible, with a minimum of sharp corners and edges. Only lead-free solder is used.

The beads are different styles, colors, and sizes. The beads are always well attached to our products so that they do not fall off, but you should still take care of young children.


Meet the Makers:

Liew is a master craftsperson who makes some of our most well-known pieces. The Starburst Heart, which she is holding in her hand, is her favorite. She set up her own workshop and has been with us for over 20 years. 


The Thai villagers are glad for the opportunity to improve the lives of their children. These are people who cherish family, food, and friendship; they are welcoming and overflowing with unforgettable hospitality and kindness. Like us, they relish special occasions such as festivals, farmers markets, social gatherings, dinners, and sporting events.

More importantly, these Thai people are proud to preserve their village traditions and happy to be close to each other. They appreciate the work which sustains their way of life, and they are pleased to learn that others enjoy the projects they create. Look for the light of admirable people inside of every Pilgrim product, and we will keep “working together for good” to bring it to you.


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