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  • November 18th, 2014

    Cool!! Fellow Green America member, did a blog post about us! Thanks Linda!

    Tenfold Fair Trade Collection Continues Commitment to Carbonfree® Operations
    For many businesses, a commitment to environmentally-responsible operations is an easy decision and a natural extension of their overall mission. This continues to be the case for Carbonfree® Business Partner Tenfold Fair Trade Collection, which seeks to achieve its goals in part through our simple...
  • November 17th, 2014

    Studies like this one is what makes fair trade so important in our world today. We must continue our work to eradicate slavery everywhere it exists. Can you even wrap your head around this number? More than 35 Million People! UNACCEPTABLE!

    Modern slavery affects more than 35 million people, report finds
    Five countries – including India, China and Russia – account for 61% of all slavery, says Australia-based Walk Free Foundation
  • November 17th, 2014

    Timeline Photos
    For information about holiday activities visit our online calendar of events:
  • November 16th, 2014

    When we work together we can do great things!

    Sustainable Bolivar-Harpers Ferry

    A glimpse at the progress we made at yesterday's Lower Town Street Clean Up! Thank you to all who came out to help us spruce up our little corner of the world! It was a great community building event! When we work together we can accomplish great things!
  • November 14th, 2014

    Another great day with the sixth graders at Harpers Ferry Middle School! We learned about fair trade, the biodiversity of the Costa Rican rainforest and upcycling! AND we all got to make awesome rainforest seed bracelets! Thank you, Mrs. Lowe; only the best Science teacher in the state!